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Serving the Outer Banks of North Carolina With High Quality Veterinarian Services For over 25 Years!

In 1988 the Animal Hospital of Nags Head was built by Dr. Barrett Welch, as a result of an inspired vision to bring a higher level of quality Veterinary care to the Outer Banks.  At this state of the art facility, our  care extends beyond just that of the pet, but to their families as well.  Our focus is to provide the very best in Veterinary care in a modern, clean, safe and caring environment. Our services include wellness visits, vaccinations, dentistry and an array of surgeries, including both soft tissue and specialized orthopedic procedures. We provide an in-house lab for blood work, digital radiology, an on site Pharmacy, Video Endoscope and Otoscopic, and a Full  Service Boarding Facility. In addition, we provide another Facility located in Avon that is open five afternoons each week. Out of town? Consider our facility to be your pets home away from home!

Clean and Modern Facilities Offering A Full Range of Services Including:



Full Service Boarding

In House Lab


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Sharon Lee Hager-StormThat poor cat has lost all its dignity.3 days ago   ·  1
Den DenOh my gosh. I want that cat lol3 days ago   ·  1

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Welcome Baby Layla...You are a precious baby 💕 ...

5 days ago

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Jettie MillerThe look on his face shows a man in love with his job.LOVE YOU DR. WELCH5 days ago   ·  2
Tina BonhamAwww...."B" dad and his passion ❤️4 days ago
Tony LongAgree with Jettie Miller. Looks like an amazing doctor to work for and love the pup! Mary4 days ago

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Fox 5 DC
Animal Hospital of Nags Head shared Fox 5 DC's .

A 184-year-old giant tortoise just got his first bath and the Internet is loving it! Watch the video to see decades of grime scrubbed off with care.

7 days ago

A lot of people think our "job" is kissing puppies and kittens... it's not. Our hearts are committed from day one ... whether it be the moment you come in for your first visit or last. Your baby is our baby and we said goodbye to some of our closest, and longest these past 3 months. We watched you grow... we watched you soar .. but we will see you again ( and by God don't ever tell a southern you won't in heaven again :)) But we are so grateful to have served you and given them peace in their final hours. We love you and are grateful for entrusting us. To all of you hurting. #alldogsgotoheaven ...

1 week ago

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Michelle MillerYou definitely go above and beyond!!!! When we brought our boy Kingee in there Thursday, we never thought that we wouldn't be bringing him home!! We know that you all did everything you could to try to figure out what was wrong and try to fix it. It just was a very unusual case. We appreciate everything Dr. Welch, Effie (sp?) and the staff did for him and for us. Thank you from the bottom our hearts. There is a huge hole in our hearts from the loss of our Kingee who was a rescue. Only had him for three years but happy for that time!!!! He was the best dog from day one until the end!!!!1 week ago   ·  1

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"Nacho" Tillett is feeling better!!!!! ...

1 week ago

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